Monday, June 29, 2009


I think I am just going to name this blog: Kristi Bitches About Her Stupid Husband.

I cooked pasta yesterday with an alfredo sauce.
My husband always feels the need to "season" my cooking up.
He used crushed red pepper.
My ass is on fire.

He called me here at work and I said, "Stop using red pepper! I asked you not to do that anymore and yet you did it again. I have shit like 5 times already...and it is not solid shit, it is watery shit."

His reply,"Well, don't you use the bathroom a lot anyways?? I LIKE using the bathroom, so why are you complaining? Besides, I BARELY used any pepper. How could you even taste it?"

Oh fuck me running.

Why can't this man ever apologize and say, "Oh sorry babe, it won't happen again."

Why do I have to get 20 questions??

He had me so mad just now that I threatened to drive to his job and kick his ass. And it is 30 miles away. But it would be so worth it!

Man, my ass hurts.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Naked swimmer


I wasn't mad at my hubby anymore last night. Since Sara was at my sister's, I took TC to McDonalds and called hubs to ask if he wanted to meet me there.

He did.

So we ate and I told him a hilarious story about TC stripping at daycare. Nobody saw him but he thought he was going to swim with the others and he took his clothes off in order to put his trunks on. (I didn't pay for the month's activities since we were gone all last week and he will start ESY next he didn't go swimming but it was funny anyways.) We had a long talk about not taking your clothes off at daycare.

I took TC home and we swam for a little bit. Then I came in and we took our baths.

He scratched his eczema a lot last night. I think the pool is drying him out. Bless his heart, his asthma is bad too because of this humidity.

I went and had lunch with a coworker today. It was nice to get away from my crazy boss. She is a lunatic. I came back and she asked me to call 83 stores and when I called the first 10 or so, someone had already called them.

I won't be calling anymore stores.

I have 26 vacation hours to last me til' August. I am contemplating when my next day off will be. I know that our business will close probably in the next 8 months or so and I am hanging in and hanging on. Severance is usually 1 week of pay for every year you have worked here, my time will be over 15 years. Then, hopefully I can find something else soon, and I will draw unemployment until I find something. But the no insurance thing is a big deal.

School is going well and I just got my first B- it was an 89 which pissed me off royally. But this professor was TOUGH and I am actually surprised my grade ended up being that high!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sometimes...when you one sees your tears.

Sometimes...when you are in one sees your hurt.

Sometimes.when you are one sees your stress.

Sometimes.when you are one sees your smile.

But FART!! just ONE time...And everybody knows!!

Yes I am going to bitch about my husband again

Yep, I am.
Because he is a prick.

My husband is a constant complainer.

He wakes up bitching.
He comes home bitching.
He goes to bed bitching.
He wakes me up in the night bitching.
Or wanting to screw.

Let me share some examples.

This morning I woke him up because for whatever reason, he ignores the alarm. I told him, "Hubs, it is time for you to get up. You are going to be late."
He says,"Oh I am going to go in an hour late."
I go back in one hour and tell him, "It is 6:40, wake up."
He replies, "Mmmmmmmmmm aaaah ughh"
I go back at 7:00
"Hubs it is 7:00 need to get up, you are going to be OVER an hour late"
He says," Why do you keep coming in here bugging me?"

Oh no that fucker di-n't.

He FINALLY gets up and is bitching, "I don't know why you kept coming in here, I told you I was going in late."
I said, "you said 1 hour, not 1 or 2 hours late."
He keeps mouthing.
I shut the door and walk into the living room.
I say under my breath, "Shut the fuck up."
And TC, who is on the couch, hears me. He says, "Ohhhhhhhhh Mama, you said a BAD BAD word. Ohhhhhhhhhh you shouldn't say those bad words."
Woops, my bad.

I forgot TC was there...LOL.

So I went into the bathroom to get ready and here comes my stupid ass husband, "Babe, why are you mad, I am on your side."
Whatever asshole (I thought this but wanted to say it)
I told him from now on his ass can sleep all day and he doesn't have to worry about me making sure he is up anymore.

Another example.
Yesterday I asked Sara to peel some potatoes and I came home and cut them up and made chicken fried steak, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.
Hubs comes home, "I am starving!"
Me: We are cooking, Sara peeled potatoes
Hubs: (looking into the pot where the potatoes are boiling) Dang, Sara, how many did you peel....3 ??
Me: There are plenty there, stop griping
Hubs: I am not griping but there are hardly any potatoes in there
Me: There are about 9 potatoes in there, we always have to throw the extras away anyways, let us girls worry about it like we always do


And for the record, there were enough for my lunch the next day and about 4 tablespoons had to be thrown away

I tell my husband all the time that I want to be him.

Get up and go to work , not having to deal with the kids EVER.

Go out to eat lunch because you feel you are entitled (while I bring my lunch everyday)

Come home, eat a dinner that is ready when you get there

Take a shower

Hound your wife to screw and bitch if she says no because she is sweeping, or doing laundry, or doing homework

Eat snacks, ice cream, candy

Go to sleep

Wake up to clean house, clothes, kids, and a wife who has made you breakfast
Wash, rinse, repeat

And my boss has already pissed me off as of yesterday ...........stupid cunt.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Gosh I haven't posted on here in forever.
What is it with summer, nobody is blogging anymore?
Or commenting for that matter.

Just wanted to say that Sex in the pool is different...really different.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not perfect

If you read my other know we are in New Mexico on vacation. It has been good, but not perfect. Before we even got out of Dallas good, my husband made me cry.

He can be a total ass that is for sure.

The drive was long but we made it.

Yesterday we went to Roswell to see the alien museum because my husband is into that stuff!

Today we visited the Carlsbad Caverns.

TC did well, even though he got tired because we walked almost 2 hours straight. I will post photos on my other blogs. We got CHILI's to go and we had to run by Wal Mart to get some more snacks. Once we got back to the room with the food we were all starving! I went out to the car to unload the Wal Mart stuff and I heard crying and when I came back to the room, I realized it was TC. Hubs was screaming at him because he didn't want the chicken strips we ordered for him. He had smelled them and that was it...he was not eating them. The thing is, he threw one on the floor. Hubs started fussing him out and TC cried and cried.

I told Hubs to let it go. I told TC to stop throwing his food down.

Autism is not perfect and TC has not been perfect on this trip. But it has been way more smoothe than our last trip. Tomorrow we are going to see my friend who just had a baby. On Tuesday evening we will be home.

I think we are all ready to spread out because being in a hotel room with 4 people can be wearing. And my husband is saying his head is hurting and he may be getting sick. And if you are married, you KNOW what a sick husband is like. No fun at all!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tee hee

Blame it on the alcohol.....


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What is going on

So yeah.

I am sofa king ready for vacay.

So, so, so ready.

I have not started my damn period yet. But when I do, I will shove WHATEVER up in there so I can swim without bleeding all over the damn place. Because I LURVE to swim y'all.

Sara is enjoying her summer so far, I guess. Since TC is going to daycare, Sara frequently gets up at noonish. Sickening, isn't it??

Poor TC has to get up at 6:45 to get ready to go to daycare.

But atleast next week we will be in New Mexico.

My husband has been pissing me off a lot lately. What's new right??

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh My Lord

Oh my. I am still livid over something that happened yesterday.

I called my sister and my niece told me that my sister was at Wal Mart and that she was babysitting 2 kids.

I was like,"Well which kids?"
And my niece said, "Eli and I forgot the girl's name. You know Ms. Frosh's kids."
I said, "Oh really?? Hmmm...okay."

And I didn't say anything to my niece but my sister talked MUCH SHIT about this woman AND her kids. How the little girl is so bad and how she will never watch her again. So last night, I messaged my sister on Facebook asking her why she is babysitting these kids when she said NEVER AGAIN.

And her response was,"Well, I am watching them all weekend and I am making like $200."

Me: Well, isn't that interesting, you told me you weren't watching them anymore because the girl was BAD and the MOM is so snotty

My sister: I know but I changed my mind and I need the money

Me: Why? Didn't you just win a drawing for $500 (they had a drawing at work, and she won)

My sister: Yes, but I am going 3 weeks without a payday

Me: Well, good for you. It is very nice that you babysit everybody's kids but won't even offer to take TC for a few hours EVER.

My sister: Well, I have a cat remember?


Me: Umm...well, he has been to your house before WITH your cat but I guess since I can't pay you $200 to watch him, that is why you never offer.

No response from my sister.

Me: Oh well, my kid, my problem right???

No response again.

I always try to be the bigger person and forgive my sister and I let her act like TC is some kind of a leper. She NEVER offers to take TC even for an hour or two to give me a break. She'll take SARA but NEVER TC. And I am sofa king sick of it!!

And I am sooooooooooo PMS'ing so I told her about herself. And TC started having eleventy billion meltdowns over a jacket. Sara was allowed to go to a friend's and she thought she was GROWN and came home late.

I am so glad to be at work away from everybody today.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Give me a break

Well, I posted about this in my autism blog. Today started out with a lot of tears because I felt TC was being talked about. Maybe these kids weren't even talking about him, but I felt they were and it hurt my heart.

Then a past classmate made a comment about how I needed to "teach TC about his differences so he won't be insecure."


Bitch, please.

Then she commented about how much she knows about special needs kids and how God is trying to teach me something about myself and I can choose to react in a negative way or a positive one.

And all I have to say to her is:

Suck my dick.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To trim or not to trim

So we were talking about va-jay jays here at work earlier. I said, "I tell Sara that she needs to trim downstairs sometimes so that sasquatch doesn't get out of control." One lady here in the office said, "Oh, you do that?" And I'm like, "Hell yeah! Hubs would make fun of me if I didn't!" And she says, "Oh, I NEVER do that!"


Doesn't hair all over your body continue to grow?

And what happens if you never trim it? Will it grow down to your kneecaps??

I mean, speaking for myself, I have always done a little trimmy trim because when you are on your period doesn't that hair matte up? And I don't want dred locks on my cootch.

Just sayin'.

Hubs and sex and stupidity

My husband is so dumb.

Trust me, I love him. But DAMN!

He called me just now talking about all the guys he works with and how they look at online sites all day. He said, "They go on Hook Up dot com" and I was like, "WHA?" And then I said, "Oh!"

"Yeah, that is it!" Hubs said. "And if I ever caught you doing something like that I would do something bad!"


"Hubs, what the hell? Don't call me with that shit."

He said, "I didn't say you WERE, but if I ever caught you."

Me: Shut up Hubs, I am pms'ing and you are pissing me off royally

Hubs: Oh, okay, well, I love you so much

Me: Whatever

Then he proceeds to tell me about a dream he had where I "borrowed" a vibrator from my sister but refused to give him sex.

Good Lord.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My teenager

Today is Sara's last day of school. She has called me 3 times with some bullshit. First she wanted my mother in law to pick her and her friend up early. WHAT? THE HELL??

Then she just now called me about her friend riding the bus and I told her that SHE is to ride the bus and I don't really care what her friend does.

She just now called me back and said that she wants to go to another girls house because she is moving soon.



Now I understand why people kill their kids.


sort of