Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not a lot of new

A coworker told me about the show "The L Word" and I have been Netflixing it. OMG, it is really good! The storyline is really interesting!

I am going to try to dedicate most of my evenings to being outside with my kids. I have done well this week by scheduling homework ahead of time. Of course school starts on Aug. 24th and things will be different............but for now, that is my plan.

I hate it when people get the "big head" at work and start giving you work that they should be doing. That happened to me yesterday and it PISSED me off!

My husband is home sick today.............he breathed in some dust yesterday and he is "so sick and didn't sleep all night." Good God!

I have to work 6 days this week, but next week, we are going on a weekend trip. I can't wait!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just UGH

If you read my other blog, you know about the drama with my mother. She called me the other night. She was talking about my older sister, GINGER and saying how she has not changed.

Well, DUH.

We talked for a little while and it was a little strange. We are not close like we used to be. Too much hurt has been inflicted. I protect myself now.

This morning TC was acting an ass, screaming for a certain BAKUGAN and I found it. Then he wanted his BAKUGAN cards and I found them, except he has 2 of one kind and he wanted BOTH of them...which I could not find. I was already running late. I didn't have enough patience for his antics.

We got in the car and he wanted his jacket. I said no which led to a meltdown. I finally got the damn jacket. I came back ENRAGED. I said, "TC why are you making my life a living hell?? Why do you ALWAYS do this?? I am so sick of it!!!"

My niece was with me and she was probably floored at my behavior.

To tell the truth, now that I think about it, I am very ashamed of how I acted. But GOD why can't we ever have a smooth morning without the fits, tantrums, and unnecessary drama??

I am so OVER autism. I wish I had a gun, I would shoot it. Or cut it's balls off.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Headaches and bathroom explosions

Today was AWFUL!! My head hurt the better part of the day. Finally, around 2:15 it stopped.
It was the type of headache that brings you to your knees, makes it hard to keep your eyes open, much less concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing.

I left work a little early because I needed to run a few errands. Had to go to drop a movie off, get some pool stuff, and go to Family Dollar.

I came home and Sara had started cooking and she had it all under control. So after we ate, I showed Hubs my Facebook page. Then I told him I needed to get in the pool and clean it. So we all went swimming, my niece was here too.

In the pool, my stomach was rumbling. And it wasn't a good rumble either. I only swam for like 30 minutes and I had to RUN in the house to avoid shitting all over myself. When I got to the bathroom, it wasn't nice. Hubs came in the house and started a shower.

In the shower, I told him to keep his body parts to himself because after that bathroom experience, I wanted to be left alone.

Gosh, what a day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blunt cards

What I want

I found another Pacifica I like! We are going next Friday to talk to the dealership. This one is in Kansas. That means it will have to be sent to Tx.
It has 3rd row seating too!!
Mine that I have now is similar but does not have the 3rd row of seats and mine has over 82,000 miles on it. But it is not paid for yet.
Cross your fingers!
If they can't get us the payments we need, we will just keep ours.
But isn't it purty??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm here

Not a lot to say but that I went shopping yesterday and spent $200 total.

Shhhhhh............don't tell my husband.

And I want another car.

Two of my coworkers have gotten new cars. I want one too!

Or a used/new car.

I will be upside down on mine though.

Let's all hold hands and pray that I can get what I want for the payments I want.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh my lord

Dear family member,

Shut the fuck up.

I am sorry that you have no problems and you want to call me with stupid petty bullshit but I am tired. I have problems of my own.

Get over it.

And don't invite my daughter to your house and then bitch because she spilled some kool aid. Your kids have made countless messes at my house and I never say a word. I clean it up because I understand they are kids.

You are off work all summer long.
Enjoy it and stop bitching about stupid crap. Like spilled kool aid for Gods sakes.

Thanks so much!

Cute, right?


Why are people such jerks?

This lady at work, who I thought was my friend is just hella rude. I told her that TC made his hair pink and wore it to daycare that way.

She said, "Why would you let him, don't you know the kids are going to make fun of him?"
I said, "No they won't."
And she said, "Yes they will."

I just walked off but I was pissed!!

I think all the kids will like it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I have a friend who had a baby back in May. She reads my other 2 blogs so that is why I am posting this here.

Don't you hate it when people are so busy that they don't take time to get back to you in e mails, IM's, or even on Facebook??

This friend did this before she had a baby.

So the problem has only gotten worse.

Now it is like pulling teeth to get her to call you back, or e mail or anything.

Why is it that some people are so wrapped up in their own lives that they are not even courteous?? It is irritating!

I mean, DAMN, I have 2 kids and my son did not sleep for 6 goddamn years but I returned e -mails for God's sake!

And stop saying how "I WAITED 36 YEARS TO HAVE A BABY AND IF I WANT TO HOLD HER ALL DAY, I WILL." And stop crying everytime you look at your baby, can we say "postpartum much?"

Okay, I get it. I am being a bitch today but I wanted to get this off of my chest because it has really been pissing me off badly!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sara came to me tonight crying.

My husband has not been very nice to her so far this summer.

He has been mad because TC is in daycare and Sara is home.

When she took care of TC over spring break for a few days, it was drama. He broke her cell phone in half one day. So that was my decision to put TC in daycare. Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed a break in daycare, it is hella expensive....but you do what you have to do.

So her daddy has been none too nice to her because she is home all day and TC is in daycare. I told her she needed to talk to her daddy and I had a few words to say to him myself.

We just now had a "come to Jesus" meeting. Lots of tears were shed, lots of words were said and now I guess at least Sara and I feel better.

We also discussed TC's autism and hubs feels that TC could eat healthier. I told him good luck with that but it is in his court to get TC to try more foods.

I guess we are better but being a family is hard and dealing with autism is harder.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


People have been working my nerves today.

First of all this guy rode my ass all the way to work (On the road that is) Finally I slammed on my brakes and he stopped. I hate that!

And this morning as I was trying to get out the door on time, TC was showing his butt. He is all about the Transformers and he said, "I am going to transform the car and I am not going to daycare!"

Ok, whatever floats your boat. Just get in the damn car.

THEN my sister calls me and says her boss enrolled them in a training class for autism and how her boss said she could now help me with TC's autism. WTF? Yeah, because taking 1 fucking class will make you an expert? Give me a break.