Friday, May 29, 2009

Teen drama

Yesterday I was so pissed! I left work at 3:30 because I wanted to go buy groceries without taking TC to the store. Because he is just an ass when I take him to the store. Especially after school when he is hungry.

So , I am at the store, checking out, when Sara texts me. "Mom I can't find my house key."

Holy unicorn testicles!

This girl is going to be the death of me.

I texted her back, "On my way."

I was almost at our house when she called me. I told her I am almost to the house. She was at a neighbor's house and I told her to come out so she could get in the car.


We unloaded the groceries, put everything in the freezer and left the rest out. We then headed to daycare to pick up TC. I told Sara how the ladies at work treated me. She agreed that it was very shitty of them!

So today, I am at work....I woke with another killer sinus headache. I took medicine and finally around 11:00 it stopped hurting. I received a text from Sara saying she lost her friend's IPOD.

Good Lord.

She used a friend's IPOD and then let another girl use it, and the other girl left it in the bathroom. But the thing is, Sara borrowed it and SARA was responsible for it.

I am pissed.

And if I have to replace this kids IPOD it is coming out of Sara's ASS.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going ghetto on their asses!

I officially blew up a few minutes ago. These bitches up here where I work are ...........well, bitches.

See, I have been moved 3 times and now I am in an office away from the other ladies. I can see one of them through my door but the rest of them are not in eyesight until I actually get up to leave my office.

So I have gotten close to the two ladies in the office next to mine. Occasionally we go to lunch or chit chat...whatever. They are both a lot like me, sort of tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Anyways, they don't pull any punches and are HONEST. I like that in a person.

However, the other ladies in the other office are backstabbers. I have seen them do it to one another so I watch out. I get along with everybody. But I watch myself.

We had a birthday dinner the other week. The girls in the "other office" threw it for me and my boss. The food consisted of soggy tuna fish, little weinies, crackers, salami, and chips.
I was pissed. I mean, I have made casseroles, cakes, and stuff like that for ALL of them for YEARS. And I get tuna and little smokies.


So today I came in and realized they had planned another dinner for a lady in here "because she is having a rough month." She has brisquet, chicken, and all kinds of things...quite the spread.
Nobody told me about this dinner.

I am pissed.

The more I thought about it the more pissed I got! One lady named Sally had the BALLS to come in here and say that I could eat "if I wanted to."

And I went the hell off!

They have been mad because I befriended the other two ladies in the office and we occasionally go to eat somewhere.

I told her, "You ladies in that office consistently leave me out. You order lunch all the time and never say a word to me and that is fine. But I have been good to everybody in there, I have given all of you clothes for kids/grandkids and I don't understand why you are always talking shit. If you have something to say to me, do it to my face!"

She started walking out, and said, "If you want to eat you can."

Then she called me on the phone and said, "If you give stuff to people and want to help them, you don't need to throw it back up in their face. I didn't ask you to give me clothes."

I said,"All I meant was that I have been good to you ladies and I don't know why you all treat me the way you do."

She tried to go on and I told her that I wasn't going to argue with her anymore. BITCH. FROM. HELL.

Sally is one of the MAIN ones who has talked much shit about me but she won't admit to it. Give me a break.

WHEW! I was so pissed!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The shit has hit the fan between my brother and oldest EVIL sister Ginger. She called Dean and told him how WRONG he is for not sending Kyle that money. And he went off on her. She told him, "I am not some bitch on the street that you can talk to any old kind of way!"

But she is...a Bitch I mean.

Anyways, I found out my nephew (Colton who is Dean's son) got his girlfriend pregnant and her Mom went and took her to get an abortion without the Dad's knowledge. No, I don't believe young people should have kids. But doing what she did and keeping it from the Dad, well that is not good either.

Not my choice and not my daughter, but still. It is a hard pill to swallow.

I just see so many people who long to have children and can't. And knowing that another baby will not be born.....a baby that should never have been just is a sad deal.

I think my Mom is sick of Ginger staying there but she probably won't leave anytime soon. Sometimes you get what you ask for! And what goes around comes back around again and again and again!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I am at work today.
It is my birthday.
I hope my kids don't destroy my house too much today.
Hubs is there but he is oblivious.
I brought plenty of chocolate to get me through the day.
I am only working til' 3:00 pm.
I spent way too much on groceries this week.
Money goes nowhere.
My husband spends too but swears it is all me.
I made a list last night to show him every major purchase we made TOGETHER.
It totaled up to $5000+.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Aw hell

Yesterday I went to the dr.'s office. I was sitting quietly and working on an assignment when this lady walks in with 2 kids. She was very pretty, with long blonde hair. She had itty bitty shorts on that left nothing to the imagination. She was VERY loud. She was fussing at her kids because they were thirsty and wanted a cold drink. "I'll have to dig in my purse and you two WILL share!" She made a huge production of going the the vending machine and having her daughter pick out a drink, "Pick on Destiny! They have coke, orange, 7 Up, Root Beer, just pick one already!" She was so loud and I guess she wanted the whole entire room to look at her. Finally she was called back.

Hmph! And Hubs says I am loud!

So this brings me to things I hate the most:

1.Hoochies- please cover up! I don't want to see your ass cheeks or your hoo-ha poking out, and the camel toe is NOT in style.

2. Obnoxious people- get over yourself, you are not the only person on the planet...and I am talking to YOU -lady who was driving the Lexus this morning who pulled out in front of me like you didn't even see me. Hellure (Madea's way of saying Hello!) I was driving Hubs big ass truck. I thought about ramming into you but I had my 2 precious kids with me so I didn't. Beyotch, you are lucky!

3. Bitches- Yes, you, the girl at the pizza place who said my coupon was only good for 1 pizza when the manager always lets me get up to 5 pizzas at the q-pon price. I wanted to snatch your snotty ass across that counter yesterday. But my little boy was there to witness and I didn't want to be handcuffed in front of him.

4. Rude asses- yes, YOU the man who ran out in front of me and when I blew my horn you threw your hands up in the air as if to say, "WHAT?" I should have hit your ass, really. My kids were not in the truck with me anymore. ASSHAT.

Can you tell that I had a load of fun trying to get my kids dropped off and to work in one piece today??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So far today

This morning has been eventful.

I woke Hubs up for a little sumpin' sumpin'. I was in a bad way. Not giving up the pussy is hard work..LOL.

TC called me a bitch on the way to daycare. Once he got out, I popped his butt. He told me, "Mom, you need to brelax (relax)!

When the lady at daycare greeted him saying "Good Morning Tony," his reply was, "Whatever."

I talked to my sister who said her husband pissed her off so bad that she almost knocked his ass out with the iron. I told her she should threaten to iron his dong. We had a good laugh over that one!

A coworker is going around taking everybody's sugar levels, mine was fine, and blood pressure, mine is still high but I go back to the Dr. this week so we may have to try a new medication.

My boss is being her usual stupid self. God some days I want to go postal on her ass.

Monday, May 18, 2009


For those of you who are confused, you can read about my mom in my other blog. My Mom is something else....we didn't talk for several months because she is such a gossiper and she goes back and forth between us siblings and starts shit constantly.

My Mom has been married 5 times. My Bio. Dad was crazy and he and my Mom divorced when I was 4. She remarried to a man and was with him for about 10 years when he finally went crazy, he was a heroin addict. Her 3rd husband was a severe alcoholic who put us through hell. He couldn't stay in one place which resulted in us being homeless and going to an all (ONE RACE) school in South Dallas, we lived in a shelter and walked to the bus stop by blood banks, and many other dangerous places. For some reason, even after all my Mom put me through, I moved to Oklahoma to help her after I graduated-I had 2 baby brothers after all and I was the only one of us older kids who wasn't married. (Didn't live with her my senior year because she didn't want to stay in TX so I had to stay with a friend in order to graduate!)

My oldest brother Dean and my Mom had a falling out last year and he cut all ties with her until recently. Now he is talking to her a lot and telling her all of his personal issues. She talks about him, me, my sister, my other sister, and my other two brothers. She is such a backstabber and I have told her she is one. That is why we have the issues we have.

My Mom is clearly dysfunctional and she hates the fact that ANY of us kids are able to take care of our families without depending on her.

I want nothing from her. All I ever wanted was for her to love and support me. Apparently she can't do that so I limit my contact with her.

She has my 42 year old sister living with her. My sister, Ginger, is evil...straight up. She adopted a kid who is now 6 years old even though she kicked both of her older kids out when they were only 13. She is sorry....a very sorry individual. The epitome of laziness and just an awful person.

I am close to her son,Joseph, who is in prison. She hates me for that. Now she is worming her way into his life and he is allowing it. Shame on him. She beat him daily for years and years. She called the cops on him and got him arrested. That is why I am hurt, I feel betrayed in a way.

I had custody of him when he was 17 because he was in foster care and hated it. But he refused to listen to any rules ( I let him stay out as long as he called me and let me know where he would be, and he didn't do that so after several warnings, he had to go!) The whole time he lived with me, Ginger would call and screw with his mind. She is the devil's spawn. I swear she is.

As for my brother Dean, he is a recovering alcoholic and we have been so close this last year. But recently he has started lying and I have caught him in several lies. I have supported him through so much, including visiting him while he was in jail TWICE. He moved in with me and Hubs for awhile too. I took him to work when he had no way to get there.

And I feel like this is how I get repaid for being there for the convicts in my life. I get repaid by them lying to me. I know my Mom tells me things about my nephew to hurt me because she knows how much I care for him. So I take the things she has said with a grain of salt, but as for my brother, he has lied to my face and I am very pissed about that!

I am just tired. That is why I don't deal with my Mom, she takes such joy in hurting others.She puts on her dress, and hat, and goes to church on Sunday but she spews hate all week long.