Saturday, June 26, 2010


I had a great idea to go out to breakfast this morning and to an early movie. Well, breakfast turned into a tear fest for me. My husband felt I embarrassed him because he pointed out where he wanted to sit and I told him we had to wait to be seated. He said I was talking too lound and people were looking at him and that all I want to do is control everything and everybody.
I sat at the table before we ordered our food and I felt tears come into my eyes so I went to the bathroom.

I came back and my daughter was telling her Dad that he needed to stop being mean. Well, this pissed him off and he continued to talk about how I embarrassed him. We ordered and I ate my food in silence once it came to the table.

I was mortified.
I wanted to literally crawl underneath the table.
I was so mad I wanted to punch him in his fucking face.
For real!

We finished eating and drove to the movie place where we had to wait over 30 minutes for the movie to start. Hubs and I didn't speak the whole time.
I was still mad.

We went in to see Toy Story 3 and I sat by him even though I didn't want to. He whispered he was sorry but I was still not very happy.

Well, when we got home, he was all kissy kissy. I said I needed to go get gas and pick up a few things from the store. He said he would drive me.
So we went and then when we got home, he thought everything was good and that he might get some ass.
I don't think so!!

When I went on my evening walk, I was thinking about what happened this morning and it made me angry all over again! After I took a bath, I came into our room and told him how he made me feel and that I was not trying to embarrass him but he really really embarrassed me!

I am not mad anymore but I told him that next time I will leave before I get treated that way.
No, screw that, I told him I will never go out to breakfast with him ever again as long as I live!


Zephra said...

Interesting how he chose to point out the fact that he thought you were embarrassing him by embarrassing you.

I am pretty sure people noticed him berating you over you talking too loud...if you really were talking loud.

clean and crazy said...

i used to live with a guy like that.

it sucks that this hurt you all day. because you deserve to be happy and you have such a beautiful smile. you should really smile more, even when your mad, it will make him think you are psychotic!! then maybe he will be nicer to you...