Thursday, July 15, 2010


Recently I posted a Facebook status about my in laws never seeing my kids. My hubby's sister called me selfish and said that it is our fault my m.i.l. does not see the kids. Really, this girl has no clue!!!

What bugs me is I have never ever said anything to Hubby's sister about the way she lives or the things she does but she has the nerve to call me selfish. She does not even know me!

N E ways, hubby called her and I was in the tub when he was talking to her. He told her she does not have a clue how our kids have been treated, she is only hearing his Mom's side. He told her I am his partner, his wife and I deserve to be treated with respect.

I was very happy he stood up for me. I am still pissed at my sister in law but that's okay, only the people who are really here for me matter in my life!

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clean and crazy said...

i am glad he stood up for you, it is too bad people have to be closed minded, it only hurts the kids.

my honey didn't talk to his family for like 18 years, now we talk all the time i couldn't stand not knowing his family, my family must be weird because we stick through it all.
hey your profile pic looks gorgeous!