Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another post where I complain

I want to bitch some more, okay????

1.My teen
Why does my teen fuss when I ask her to put up HER clothes that I folded and wipe down HER bathroom counter?? Seriously! She should have been me growing up when I had to do shit for hours and hours because my mom was a neat freak...ugh.

2. Facebook. Why are certain people such assholes on Facebook?? One girl who is a friend on FB made a comment about people changing their profile pic and fishing for compliments. Well, I like changing my pic and what the fuck is she so upset about?? Now I don't know if she directed this at me but it COULD have been directed at me but you know what I say, GET OVER IT ASSHOLE!

3. My husband
This man gripes that he never sleeps. So yesterday when he got off work, he went to sleep. So I didn't disturb him and tried to keep the kids quiet. He slept about 4 hours! When he woke up he commenced to bitching and bitching and bitching. Because he slept through his favorite show.
Are you fucking kidding me?? What would you rather do, sleep or watch tv??

Okay I am done!!

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