Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wow, it has been quite a week at work. Customers have been crazy because they all want free products and they want us to make them over and over again.

This is the time of year when the moochbags come out.

Pray for me. I might lose my mind.
I am working our online site from home a lot.
Which is good because I need the money.
I am considering cutting off my home phone and getting my internet thru Dish.
It may save me around $50 a month and I need to save where I can.

After I paid bills and got groceries this week, I had $6 left in my checking account.
It is kind of depressing!

I have started taking a stand and doing some things on my own and I now tell my husband if he doesn't like it he can just get the hell over it.
But that I am not fighting with him over decisions I make and he should try to support me more instead of trying to sabotage my plans all the time. Because I love him but it is not all about him 24/7.
I think he is in shock!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Party and stuff

Well, the kids birthday party went well.
My mother in law called as I was trying to get things ready and she wanted to know what time the party started.
Hubs had already told her because I was sitting there when he did.

Me: I know Tony told you the party starts at 11:30
MIL: He said noon
Me: No I was right there, he told you 11:30, besides you need to ask me, I plan all of the parties!
MIL: Well, the hay man is here and I can't get there by 11:30
Me: Alright then. I'll see you when you get here.

Stupid heifer.

Then, we got the party started! Had chili dogs, cake, ice cream. Opened gifts.
And my Husband went outside and missed the gift opening.
And then wanted to bitch at me for "not coming to find him."
I told him I was putting a birthday party on and that it wasn't my fault he went outside.

Dumb ass.

After the party, we opened Christmas with my Mom.
And Sara got birthday money and she wanted to go shopping.
I was tooooo exhausted for shopping so I offered to take my nephew Jr. and TC to Mcdonalds' to play while my Mom, sis, and niece went shopping.
Well, needless to say, they were gone for HOURS and by the time we got back from McD's, TC was so tired and had began acting out in a BAD way. Jr. was not a problem, it was TC. So I called my Mom and asked were they almost done?? She said they had gone to Dallas.

I was not happy.
When they finally came home, I told my sister that she should have told me they were going all the way to Dallas.
She got mad and left in a huff.

Later on Facebook, she messaged me and said that she spent so much on gas by driving to Dallas. And how Sara didn't want to pay for her food, so my Mom did.
I didn't even feed into her b.s. and if my Mom wanted to buy Sara's food, big freaking deal!! How is that my sister's business at all?
And if she didn't want to go to Dallas, she should not have gone. Give me a fucking break.

Other than that b.s., everything else was good!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday I called Hubs as I left work to make sure he got gas for the lawnmower. I told him I wanted to mow but could he cook dinner?
He sort of balked and I asked Sara to cook and she said she didn't feel like it.
So it pissed me off.
And I began to fuss and fuss and fuss some more.
Turns out Hubs wanted to mow, but his back is giving him fits this week and I don't want him to mow and upset his back issues even more!

I went straight in the door and put my mowing clothes on and went outside to mow. I didn't say a word to anybody.

I was so pissed.

I started to mow and I ended up getting stuck in the mud.
Which pissed me off even more.

My neighbor eventually drove up and he helped me get unstuck. Because Hubs and the rest of the family were inside, and since we have 4 acres I was on the far side and nobody saw me.

After I mowed for about an hour, I went inside to take a shower, still emotional and still a little pissed.

Hubs came into the bathroom and asked me what was my problem and I told him, "I am just PMS'ing" and can you please just leave me alone?

After he took a shower, he came into the room and was kissing me and then I just broke down crying.