Friday, September 25, 2009

Hubs and other junk

Gosh, since I posted last, I had an anniversary. 15 yrs. with my hubby. I like him again this week, I told him I will excuse his crazy ass behavior from when Billy was in the hospital and the funeral and all that stuff.
But if he acts a fool again, I am kicking his ass for real!!

Today is Friday..woot!!

Found out that a friend of mine is going to take her baby to Mexico in a couple of months..her baby is 4 months old now. CRAZY MUCH???

I am tired of people on Facebook. They only comment when they want to say shitty things, or leave you advice that you don't ask for.
After all the family drama with Billy's funeral, Tony's aunt Wanda took me off her friends. Alrighty then!! SHE is the one who showed out at the funeral but she is mad at me?? What ever.

My sister has already been to the school twice over my nephew. The first time was because he fumbled the ball in football and some kids called him fumble fingers. She went and told the coaches that he was being teased.
I am sure they laughed her out of there!

Then, my nephew was absent and my sister said he didn't get his study guide back to study for a test. Which he failed. So he got a 69 in that class for the 6 weeks. Which means he won't be eligible for football.
My sister emailed the teacher several UGLY e mails. Then she got the principal involved. They let him correct the test so he is now passing.

She got mad at me because I said, "Monica, you can't fight his battles for him his entire life!" He is in Junior High now!!
She said she and the principal got into a screaming match.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Nobody is perfect

I am not going to post about my husband today.
We have all established he can be an ass.

My sister is talking to me again. One good thing about all of this happening with Billy is that she opened her eyes and saw that regardless of the stuff she read in my TX blog, I am the one who has been here for her for many years.

No relationship is perfect.
No marriage is perfect either.
If people say they have the perfect marriage, they are lying.

Marriage takes work.
Friendships take work.
And that work should not be one-sided.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pissed off

Sorry I haven't posted in so long.
All of this stuff with Billy has been so draining.
And my husband and I have gotten into two big fights.
One last week and one last night.
The one last night was over him not taking the trash out.
Stupid, I know.
But I am a smartass and he didn't like my comments.
Then he has to say stupid things like he is all alone.

Give me a fucking break.
What am I..chopped liver?
Am I not here everyday giving 110%?

I am tired.
Tired of being pulled in so many different directions.
I have reconnected with some old friends and I am going to start making it about me.
My family can be so selfish.

And no I am not PMS'ing. I am just PISSED.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on Billy

We went to see Tony's Uncle yesterday. He looked good, but is not waking up. The prognosis is that his brain is not functioning at all.

His Aunt (Billy's wife) will have to make a decision of when to pull the plug. She is getting all the family together and finding out how long it will take those who have to travel to get here. Pray for his family. This is really hard.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


They want my husband's uncles wife to pull the plug.
She refuses to do so.
My hubby is having such a hard time.
All I can do is wrap my arms around him.
And cry with him.

It is hard waiting.
It is hard not knowing if Billy will live or die.
And if he lives, how much of a life will he have?

He is only 56.
He is too young to die.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things I love

I love:
sweet cornbread, hot from the oven covered in butter

my kid's laughter

cooking a good meal

a clean house

receiving letters from my nephew

hearing "I love you"


singing to kick ass music

getting a beautiful shirt for $6 on clearance

saving money

seeing old friends and catching up

getting older (yep I did say it!)

What do you love?